FleetSmart brings an end to the complicated, paper-record thinking of the past. Understand with one simple dashboard, the complete picture of your fleet assets in real time.
• Vehicle Status • Driver Status • Movements • Cargo Status • Emergencies • Maintenance
Everything a manager needs to make a fully informed, quick decisions for efficiency, safety and profit.


Fleet Dashboard

The Kamio cloud connects to your fleet vehicles and ingests all of your vehicles data. Once collected, we run algorithms and analytics to make sense and display the data so fleet managers and owners can make smart decisions.

  • Multi office and multi vehicle view
  • Integrated video and data dashboard
  • Driver behavior report
  • GPS location
  • Fuel Usage
  • Driver log report
  • Driver score card
  • Predictive analytics
  • Custom range of reports
  • Custom Alert configurations
  • Custom triggers for real time notifications

Modern, Simple, Graphical Reports

FleetSmart provides modern, quick and simple graphical interfaces to communicate important information.

Quickly understand traffic patterns and challenges for fleet drivers on a specific route with our Locations Report.

A range of these report types, easily customized, can answer questions, provide answers and allow managers to swiftly move on to their next task.


Flexible Numerical Report Creation

Letting fleet managers sort their own information on many variables; drivers, vehicles, routes or dates gives management the capability to quickly find opportunity to build profit and increase safety.

Integrated Trip Report Simplifies Management Tasks

Blending onboard vehicle diagnostics, GPS location/speed data, video and other additional sensor information in one place allows either a detail or big picture understanding of an entire trip or a specific moment on that trip.

The trip is either summarized or can be replayed piece by piece with all data, video and driver information indexed together.


FleetSmart Web Dashboard Quickly Provides the Big Picture


Easily scanned and all in one place, the FleetSmart web dashboard provides a fleet manager with a real-time and thorough situational picture of his or her entire fleet.

Our proprietary FleetSmart cloud platform collects, blends and returns usable data in simple form; allowing managers to take action and move on to their next tasks.

Fleet Contact

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